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RM 899.00

- Brushless motor technology 

- Compact design 

- Reverse auto-stop function 

- LED Battery capacity indicator 

- Imported high quality switch 

- Memory-free lithium-ion battery technology, larger battery capacity with less self-discharge 

- High-low torque setting 


Worx has made brushless motor technology available to demaning users. The advantage : high speed, high efficiency, durable, low energy consumption, longer running time, continuous power source, low interference, less friction & maintenance free. 

Brushed motor disadvantage : 

because of the presence of carbon brushes, wear and sparks are unavoidable during operation, and the energy loss is large and the efficiency is relatively low. 

Brushless motor advantage:

The brushless motor adopts a typical mechatronics design, which embodies the physical application of carbon brushes, bringing higher output power and working efficiency. 

UP to 10x longer motorlife: Electronic commutation makes brushless motor maintenance free, with no parts that can get worn out with even the most intensive use. 

UP to 50% more running time: Your battery is not intended to power up a heater. Because brushless motors do not generate heat, your battery's charge will last longer & Much longer. 

UP to 25% more power: Freed from the burden of carbon brushes motors finally deliver all the power you need for your most challenging tasks. 


Battery Voltage: 20V/4.0Ah 

No-load speed: 0-2600 / 2900 /min 

Impact Rate: 0-3300/ 3800bmp 

Anvil Size: 12.7mm(1/2”)square 

Max Torque: 360N•m 

Battery capacity: 4.0Ah 

Charging time: 2hr

Machine weight:1.7kg


- 4.0 Ah Battery Pack x2

- 2.0A Charger x1

- M22 Socket x1

- Belt x1

- Parallel Pin x1

- O-shaped Ring x1

- Tool Bag x1


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